JSCNHM home • Winter 2013 • vol. 5 no. 1

Lectures 1988 to 1996


September 30 Shawna Lawlor Indian Fire Rehabilitation
October 14 Harriet Wilson Armies Within- Your Immune System
November 4 Jim Wilson/Dick Hilton Exploring Sierran Natural History
December 2 Panel Discussion Bioethics
December 9 Bob Duke Vagabonding Alaska!
January 13 Museum Staff Friends of the Museum Slide Show
March 17 Kim Snipes Two Ways Birds Grow Up
April 21 Jim Wilson Something About Rivers
May 19 Dick Hilton/Charles Dailey Vertebrate Fossils of the West


October 9 Local Government Officials, Dam proponents and opponents Auburn Dam Debate
November 2 Joe Medeiros The Land Above the Trees: Alpine Ecosystems
November 16 David Rosen Graylodge Wildlife Area
December 7 Dick Hilton Earthquake Faults
February 22 Dr. Greg Wheeler Geology and Gold in the Mother Lode
March 8 Dick Hilton Galapagos Islands
April 19 Dr. Susan Slaymaker Dinosaurs and their Extinction
May 11 Joe Medeiros Calaveras Big Trees


November 22 Joe Medeiros The Grandeur of Trees
December 6 Kim Snipes Migration in Birds
January 10 Jim Wilson Ecosystem and the Lorax
January 24 Greg Elliott Cosumnes River Preserve
February 7 Evan Jones and John Anderson Physics for Real People and Others
March 6 Dick Hilton From the Andes to the Amazon
March 20 Rebecca Gregg and Jim Wilson Impressions of Washington State
April3 Roland Bergthold Local Ecosystems – Going, Going, Gone?
May 8 Denis DeLuchi Weather and Flying


October 23  Dennis Deluchi  The Population Menace
November 13  Linda Banta  Nutrition - Science Based
December 4  Jim Wilson  On the Loose
January 29  Joe Medeiros  Endangered Species
February 19  Brian Houseback  Geology of the Sutter Buttes
March 5  Dick Hilton  The American Southwest
March 26  Kim Snipes  Sharks!! (Done twice)
April 16  Roland Bergthold  Mountain Habitats - Alps and Sierra
April 30  Bio. Dept. Staff  Costa Rica
May 14  Rebecca Gregg  City Habitats


December 10  Joe Medeiros Mono Lake: A Dying (?) Gem
January 28  Kevin Wolf & Otis Wollan Water Issues of California and Placer County
February 11  Dick Hilton Galapagos, The Enchanted Islands
February 25  Mark Skinner California's Endangered Plants - Solutions for a Flora in Decline
March 11  Charles Dailey Ancient Environments of Placer Co.
March 18  Frank DeCourten Dinosaurs
April 8  Harriet Wilson DNA Manipulation
April 22  Roland Bergthold The Golden Gate to the Pygmy Forest
April 30  Jim Wilson Point Reyes National Seashore (Field Trip)
August 2  Doug Thron Headwaters Redwood Controversy


February 10  Joe Medeiros  Costa Rica - A Naturalist's Paradise
February 24  Alexander Smith  Viet Nam - Twenty Years Later
March 24  Shawna Martinez  Wawona - The Giant Sequoia of the Sierra
April 21  Linda Banta  Australia - The Land Down Under
April 28  Lee Stetson  John Muir - Conversation With the Tramp
May 19  Dick Hilton & Joe Medeiros  The Range of Light
July 11  Doug Thron  Headwaters Ancient Redwood Forest


October 27 Coke Smith Antarctica
November 17 Scott Stine Historical Droughts of California
December 1 Hank Wesselman In Search of the Missing Link
January 26 Eric Peach The American River: a Delicate Balance
February 23 Roland Bergthold Coastal California and Italy: Comparisons
March 22 Rich Gresham Sustainable Uses of Natural Resources
April 19 Lee Stetson John Muir Among the Animals
April 26 Coke Smith Tierra del Fuego: the World's Edge
May 17 Keith Geluso Natural History and Conservation of Bats

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