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Tahoe Beneath the Surface

Scott Lankford

Author; English Professor, Foothill College

Tahoe Beneath the Surface book coverOn October 4, 2010, author Scott Lankford appeared on “Insight”, a public affairs discussion program on Capitol Public Radio in Sacramento. On this program, Lankford discussed his book Tahoe Beneath the Surface (Heyday, Sierra College Press, 2010), an examination of the fascinating 10,000 year history of Lake Tahoe. The host of the program was Jeffrey Callison. Scott Lankford

Raised in Colorado, Scott Lankford got lost en route to Stanford University and spent much of the next ten years as a maintenance man, musician, and mountaineering guide at Lake Tahoe. After joining the 1985 American Everest West Ridge Expedition, he completed a Ph.D. in modern thought and literature with a dissertation on John Muir. His doctoral dissertation is entitled John Muir and the Nature of the West: An Ecology of American Life, 1864-1914.

Scott Lankford is a Professor of English at Foothill College in California’s Silicon Valley, where he has also served as Foothill’s Dean of Language Arts and co-director the college's Center for a Sustainable Future.

The program begins with Scott Lankford describing Lake Tahoe’s Ice Age residents.

This presentation is 10 minutes.

Photo credits:

Scott Lankford at Lake Tahoe – courtesy of Scott Lankford
Tahoe beneath the Surface book cover – courtesy of Heyday Books