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Dedication of 1960 Sierra College yearbook, “The Sierran.”

to Stephen Barooshian

Occasionally in the history of an educational institution an instructor is found who, through his intellectual honesty and human understanding, captures the spirit of that school for thousands of students. Such a man is Stephen Barooshian, Sierra's incomparable teacher of history and of much else that is lasting.

Stephen Barooshian in 1960Mr. Barooshian for 38 years has inspired the minds and delighted the hearts of young and not-so-young seekers after knowledge, first in Placer High School and then at the college.

Now, after many years of declaring his imminent departure, Mr. Barooshian is formally leaving the halls of academe at Sierra as a full-time pedagogue. But he leaves a vigorous memory of a lifetime devoted to scholarship and to students which will long enhance the art of teaching.

To Mr. Barooshian, from all Sierrans, past and present, this 1960 yearbook is respectfully and affectionately dedicated.