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Tales of the Sierra Nevada: "Gold, Granite, and Grit"

by Dan DeFoe

Sierra College, History Dept

"Gold, Granite and Grit", the video

Gold, Granite, and Grit video - click to play

(Video is 27 minutes long)


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Rocklin granite quarry Rocklin granite quarry Workers
Rocklin granite quarry during the mid-19th century. Rocklin granite quarry, circa 1900. Workers hoisting a large granite slab – Rocklin, circa 1900.
circa 1900 Granite artisans Beam arm
Rocklin granite quarry, circa 1900. Granite artisans pose atop a huge cut granite block – Rocklin, circa 1900. The massive beam arm along the quarry rim at a Rocklin granite quarry, circa 1900.
Street scene Railroad St 1900 Finnish Temperance Hall
A street scene in the town of Rocklin, circa 1900. Railroad Street in Rocklin, circa 1900. The Finnish Temperance Hall in Rocklin, circa 1910.
Downtown Rocklin Rocklin band  
Downtown Rocklin prior to the 1914 fire that destroyed most of the town. A Rocklin community band, circa 1910.