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The Directory of Museums of the Sierra Nevada

Keely Carroll and Jennifer Skillen, Executive Editors

Introduction written by Lydia McNabb. Museum listings primarily compiled by Gabriel Schlaefer. Lydia and Gabe were Sierra College Press Interns during the Fall Semester 2011.

The name may be deceiving though, for represented here are not only museums of the area, but also libraries, cultural and historical societies and any other organization with historical significance, insight and information about the Sierra region.

In the pages of this directory you will find all sorts of resources relating to the cultural and natural history of the Sierra region. Along with a listing of as many venues of the Sierra as we could contact, each one has some extra information as well. With a small explanation, some pictures and a link (or other contact) to the place itself, you’ll be able to see who these people are, what they’re about and how they play a key role in preserving the past and examining our present and future.

19 Counties of the Sierra Nevada

This directory includes information from sixteen California counties and three Nevada counties that comprise the Sierra Nevada region. We have also included Sacramento County, as many valuable resources are found in California’s Capital City.

Don’t forget to check out our photo galleries and slideshows presented by county as well! You will find a link under each county listing as Photo Gallery.

As the centerpiece of the directory, we highlight our very own Sierra College Natural History Museum with a series of short films focusing on its collections, public displays, and programs.

The Listings

Compiling a register of these historical and cultural gems of the Sierra is a public service brought to you by volunteers who care about presenting the extraordinary Range of Light for everybody out there who has ever been moved or intrigued by the Sierra. Whether you are from out of town or call these places home, whether you’re interested in research or in entertainment, whether you’re planning a trip to visit the region firsthand or prefer to see it virtually in the palm of your hand, this project is meant just for you.

As much as we do our best to keep this register updated and complete, the fact remains that this list may never be completely comprehensive – there will always be new organizations and institutions that we missed. To our knowledge, the information presented here is correct and up to date. We do know very well though that things do change with time. (Just look at the Sierra!) If you have an institution or organization that you would like to add, please contact us.

This project is truly a labor of love from all who contributed their time and effort to the cause. We hope this directory helps you find what you’re looking for, and maybe some moments of chance discovery, too.

We are grateful to all of the venues and organizations that helped us make this list available and informative with their words, images and facilities. Thanks so much to everyone who had a hand in this project’s making, and to all those just discovering it now, enjoy!


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